Her Secret Life Travels and Adventures

Victoria Harbor in Hong Kong- It was a beautiful day. This country taught me about the difference between luck and feungshui. All of us aspire to be successful in life, whatever our definition of success may be. However, to be able to attain our dreams and goals, we must be prepared to put in the hard work. The road to success can be compared to a road trip. Try as we might to carve a straight and smooth path towards our goals, there will certainly be bumps and curves along the way where failures and uncertainties demand our utmost determination, patience and perseverance.

Lustgarten (Pleasure Garden) in Central Berlin, Germany- is a park on Museum Island near the site of the former Berliner Stadtschloss (Berlin City Palace). The palace was royal and imperial in the centre of Berlin. The landscape, traditions and architecture is beautiful and historical.


Keewaydin Island in Naples, Florida, USA- Most commonly known for the south tip of the island, where local boaters congregate at the end of the 8 mile long isthmus, where they can park their boat on the shore and enjoy people watching and the beach and scenery. It’s a place where you want to spend all day and all night to have more fun!

Marco Island in Naples, Florida, USA- is a barrier island in the Gulf of Mexico off Southwest Florida. A long, sandy beach covers most of the west coast.

Macau, China- Chinese culture emphasizes family integrity, lineage solidarity, reserved public behavior toward the powerful, and respect for parents and elder persons. These values are also largely maintained in Macau’s urban culture. The Portuguese and Macanese from relatively cohesive subsocieties of Catholics with their distinct values and preferences. Macau is the smallest country I’ve ever been.


Daytona International Speedway (NASCAR)- is a race track in Daytona Beach, FL., United States. First time I went here was February 14, 2015 with my closest friend. I had so much fun! I meet new friends and I’ve also meet some famous race teams! The garage windows also include slots for fans to hand merchandise to drivers for autographs. The fan zone also includes a live entertainment stage, additional food and drink areas and various other activities and displays.

The Holocaust Memorial in Berlin, Germany- also known as the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe. I came here on March 2010. My experienced was very emotional.


Nikki Beach Miami, Florida, USA- Hot spot on the beach offering seafood amid chic decor plus a DJ-fueled scene at night. I went here around Halloween 2012 with my two closest buddy, Lamont and Matthew. The weather is nice and chill. The day beds are lovely and comfortable. Perfect to soak up the Miami beach vibe!


Sarasota Beach, Florida, USA- Power Boat Grand Prix race directly off Lido beach. Enjoying a great day of boating and fun in support of Suncoast Charities for Children. All types of powerboats, leisure craft vessels, and personal watercraft are welcome! It was one of the BEST boat ride adventure I’ve ever had! 


Washington D.C., USA- formally the District of Columbia is the Capital of the United States. The centers of all three branches of the federal government of the U.S., including the Congress, President, and Supreme Court. Washington is home to many national monuments and museums. So many things to do for fun, educational history or politics and many more…


Post Card Inn in Saint Petersburg, FL., USA- I was here on June 11, 2015 for a mini getaway with good friends. I must say, this is a place where you want to be and will always want to come back over and over again. A place where you want to dance, sing, listen to amazing live music, good vibe nightlife, friendly environment to meet new people and a perfect for a Bloody Mary drinks.😍👌


Pundakit Island in San Antonio, Zambales, Philippines- I came here last month of April, 2014. It was my very 1st time island hopping in the Philippines. The water is clear like crystal blue. The weather is nice and hot but not humid, the reefs are beautiful and the sand is white like powder. It was my 1st time adventure with my brothers together as a family.


Nassau, Bahamas- Bahamas Carnival Sensation Cruise, Spring Break, February 2014. Having a blast with amazing friends. It was adventurous, so many events and partied non-stop.🎉🍻☺️ I hope there will be a group reunion upcoming soon! I miss them so much.❤️

 Mammoth Cave National Park in Kentucky, USA- the longest cave system known in the world.


New York City in New York, USA- is a fast-paced, globally influential center of art, culture, fashion and finance. A city that never sleep!😉💋


Pamulaklakin Trail in Subic, Zambales, Philippines- a place where you want to learn about surviving skills in the jungle or forrest. You meet and hangout with the Aeta tribe. They teach you about their culture, their lifestyle and explore the wilderness has to offer!


The Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, USA- the original and largest attractions and entertainment than Disneyland. The guy right next to me is my brother, Audie. I’ve been here several times!


Wekiva Spring State Park in Apopka, Florida, USA- Wekiva means “flowing water”. I’ve been here plenty of times! It’s a place where you want to explore around the ecosystem, go for hike, camping, see some gator or other water creatures, and a water fun like paddle boarding, canoeing, tubing and kayaking. A fun place where you want to soak up in the sun and had a beer on hand.


Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, Germany- one of the best known landmarks of Europe and Germany. Throughout it’s existence, the Brandenburg Gate was often a site for historical events and is today considered a symbol of the tumultuous history of Europe and Germany, but also of European unity and peace.


Skyline view in Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong- the view from my room in L’Nina Hotel, 38th floor.

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