Mental Health Matters

Health is not just about what you’re eating.

It’s also about what you’re thinking & saying.

Health means mental health too! Your thoughts, feelings, and behavioral needs deserve time and attention. Health is a broad term where it focuses you’re physical, physiological, psycho-social and psychological.

Your feelings matter.

They are valid. You deserve to take up space. You are important. Investing in you is crucial and valuing your mental health is self-care in action!

Mental illness cannot be treated by simple desire because it is difficult due to social status, cultural and language barriers.

Awareness also eliminates stigma for these people.  If we are aware of their limitations and strengths, stigma may dissipate.  Let’s just say, your mother or sister was diagnosed with bipolar disorder.  Would you like those around you criticize, “she is crazy, lock her up.”?

Stigma refers to the opinions and thoughts/hearsay’s of the society. Stigma shames the mentally ill.  Creates a society where minds are closed off and denies acceptance (truth) of those who are “different.”

Attitudes and behaviors move a society into either a positive or negative trend.  If there is a negative trend than the implications may cause a combination of denial and hatred. These are negative labels that have been attached due to the lack of awareness. 

Lack of awareness may cause violence, uneducated support system, bullying, lack of empathy and unprotected to those people who needs help.

Raising awareness can reduce misconceptions.  

Our mission is to banish stigma, empower you to love yourself, feeling safe and make peace with mind, body, and soul.

I believe you can have inner peace. I believe couples can find rhythm. I believe students and young adult can have balance. I believe all folks can live their truth and purpose.

I know therapy is cool. Treatment is essential.

We believe in relatable, non-judgmental, real, shame-free counselling. You deserve time for you.

I believe in helping others by giving our time to them– to listen, talk and laugh!

I encourage everyone to do the same. Show kindness to everyone.

In order to have a good society it MUST first start within YOU! 🙂

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