The BEST way to not feel hopeless is to get up and do something.

“The best way to not feel hopeless is to get up and do something.”

Growing old can be somewhat unpleasant, but it doesn’t have to be. Whether it’s a personal care, a daily living assistance, or basic companionship.. ” All we need is give them light to feel love, time for care and to be thankful.”

Humaneness is a genuine sympathy for hardship or suffering that other people are experiencing, and a desire to ease that pain. There are many different ways to show compassion for others; the most important thing is that it comes from your heart. Ignore differences and find commonalities to help you relate to what someone else is going through. Whether you’re interacting with a friend, colleague, peer, patient, or family member, here are some ways you can demonstrate your compassion.

The question now, as a nursing student how would you provide care and compassion in the community?

The purpose of being a nursing student is to have a great learning experiences and know the important highlights of their life values. It shares about social health, development of therapeutic relationship to others, self-discipline and to present reality (example, self-awareness). It gives you this humbling feeling and daunting experienced. Another way to communicate with others is to make eye contact, keep your body turned toward the person speaking, and listen quietly. You might also practice active listening, which involves paraphrasing what you’ve just heard, and ask open-ended questions to send the message that you’re ready to hear more.

Based in my experienced, you have to express yourself. Don’t assume that because you’re dealing with someone else’s strong emotions, your own emotions have no place in the interaction. Match your facial expressions to your felt emotions to let another person know you understand what they are going through. A sincere smile often works wonders. It is also okay to express melancholy by crying or to laugh without reservation. A good laugh can be incredibly healing.

Show kindness without expecting anything back. Thus, learn how to advocate. An advocate is a person who speaks up for and defends the rights of another person by helping them communicate their needs in a challenging situation (such as a clinic visit or a hospital visit). To effectively advocate, you must actively listen to what your client desire and communicate in an assertive and respectful manner to help them take advantage of resources in your community.

A great way to connect with others is to start with a social group. A helpful way is to stay preoccupied and proactive. We must work together as team or as a family. One of the best part of nursing school is bonding with other nursing students.

Humaneness arises through empathy and is characterized by actions. The simple act of showing humaneness can make a world of difference in someone’s day (and in yours!). You don’t need to wait for a crisis to practice compassion, either. Try smiling at a stranger today 🙂

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