A Fear of the “UNKNOWN”.

Time flies..

4 years ago, I was in a transition of learning and self-recovery. This year will be my last year in college. Thesis, seminars, clinical’s, then… Graduation is on the way!

Another chapter of my life..

Waiting for me to live my dream turns into reality. Sadly to say, I’m moving back to USA for good (soon). Honestly, I am going to miss this country (Philippines).

One thing I learnt.. within 4  Years of my life living in the Philippines.

Is to overcome my FEAR.. “Don’t be afraid to fail.”

I will tell you my story…

Before I left Florida. I have so many questions in my head (a never ending questions and puzzle). What would happen if I move back in the Philippines? Am I going to make new friends? Are they friendly because I’m older than them..? Am I going to be okay in school or what not? Those are the questions had been haunting me for days.. I was stressing over and wouldn’t know if I would make it.

5 months have passed… I reached to the point I was “OVERTHINKING”!

Overthinking for nothing. Stressing over for nothing. Having this thoughts in my head without accomplishing anything. Honestly, I was afraid. 

A fear of the UNKNOWN..

As I captured myself having fears.. my mind is wired like an electricity that shock my entire body. ‘THIS IS IT!!”It’s either I have to suck it up; Or wait and cry like a baby!?? 

A pep-talk to myself.. “I’m a grown ass woman. Of course, I’m gonna do it!” If they can do it, so can I!!

Many times, the thought of fear itself is greater than what it is we fear. But the fear is something from within us that has nothing to do with reality. It is okay to have fear and doubts.  And, that’s normal. Yet, those feeling should pass. Get rid of the negative thoughts behind and execute responsibilities and disillusions, requiring a new way to think, act and become. Why do we REALLY quit? 

I was afraid to Fail.

And that’s normal. Because if I don’t feel anything. I wouldn’t know what is right and wrong. I wouldn’t learn anything. I wouldn’t know how to take a risk and cracked my eggshell into a beautiful bird… (It’s a metaphor). For some of you that doesn’t know what it REALLY meant, well here it goes! — It may be hard for an egg to turn into a bird: it would be a jolly sight harder for it to learn to fly while remaining an egg. We are like eggs at present. And you cannot go on indefinitely being just an ordinary, decent egg. We must be hatched or go bad. 

The key to everything is patience. For example, how would you know if the chicken taste good or bad? The simple answer to this is trying and exploring. You wouldn’t know anything if you didn’t take a bite. From that experience, you will learn to take a risk, make a difference and make a choice. Eventually, you will learn to identify if the chicken taste good or bad.

Be Afraid..

When you don’t have believe in yourself. Because once you do, it will cause you pain from NOT trying, quitting…

Learning is a mindset.

To take on challenging work, to motivate, to discover and continuously process for growth, creativity and understanding. Don’t be afraid to learn something new. Don’t be afraid to discover and make changes. Don’t be afraid to have multiple goals😘

Life is a journey. So many things to learn in this beautiful world!💖

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