Trinitian SHARES

What is Trinitian SHARES?

Trinitians are the students and faculty members of Trinity University of Asia. SHARES is an acronym for sustain, help, act, respect, empower, and support.

Our goal is to strengthen volunteerism among Trinitian Students through actively participating in health, education and livelihood programs and services of the University towards it’s partner communities.


People behind Trinitian SHARES are the committed to serve in the communities and these officers are included: President of TUA Dr. Wilfred Tiu, Vice President of TUA Dr. Gisela Luna, Former Dean of Saint Luke’s College of Nursing (SLCN), Dean Marlon Gomez, Mr. Homer Balmes, Community Development Section- headed by Ms. Caroline Balmes, Project Coordinators- Ms. Rona Maye Gonzaga of Project HEALS, Ms. Edna Robles of Project of CHANGE, Ms. Maribel Campo of Project CODE IT, Ms. Maria Theresa Cardano of Project ASPIRE and COPE, Ms. Sheryl Salazar of Project SNACK, Ms. Rosemarie Genorga of Project BEST, Dr. Ebenezer Belor of Project CAN and Ms. Jeannie Jadormeo of Project MAD, Deans of colleges, Gov. Dio Gonzales, M.s Mary Rose Ramos and our newly inducted Trinitian volunteers (students from different colleges) for making the fellowship a success.

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The fellowship community is an intentionally offering seniors independent living, personal care, short-term rehab and skilled nursing with a specialized unit (such as wound care, nutrition, health teaching, etc), we help and asses pediatric program including education and  malnutrition, community environment like cleanliness and recycle program, and spiritual well-being for holistic care. We encourage people of all ages to come together as one family in Christ seeking to apply biblical truths to their own lives.

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The Trinitian Students may have positive benefits for the volunteering as well as for the person or community served. It is also intended to make contacts for possible employment and gain self-confidence in social networking.


As a nursing student or a better individual– it helps me to enlightened others to reevaluate and reflect myself and gained knowledge from others perspective of life. It helps you to experience in meaningful projects in the areas of mentoring children, teaching English, assisting with health care, community gardening, and building development. It molds you to observe you’re stream of consciousness into self-awareness. Therefore, community fellowship is a self-awareness activity for self-reflection, personal growth, and personal vision. One way to help others to develop their self-awareness is by working on particular activities in a group context. Self-discovery activities and games for students, teachers, counselors and other members of Trinitian Shares skill resources will enhance building rapport.


Self-awareness matters not only in your personal life, but it makes a tremendous impact in your professional life. A successful community development where a relationship characterized by agreement, God’s love, mutual understanding, or empathy that makes communication possible or easy.

“I can do all things through Christ WHO strengthens me.”

~Philippians 4:13

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