The 3 Things Every Man Needs To Be Happy…


I’m going to share a secret about how to understand men so well that you might have people thinking you have a psychic understanding of men…

And you’ve read enough of my writing to know that I’m not hype-y and not one to exaggerate… I’m telling you, this is an understanding about men that is super powerful and SIMPLE.

To be honest, women massively over- complicate men typically. It blows my mind…

Women think that men are running around speaking this “secret language” that needs to be decoded. They think a man’s actions are painted by Andy Warhol or something…

The truth is… men are SIMPLE…

SIMPLE… SIMPLE creatures.

All of the perceived complications are there because people have a terrible ability to separate emotions from reality.

They equate “feeling something” to “meaning something”… and unfortunately whatever they interpret it “means” is anyone’s guess.

And my favorite part: People will get mad at the other person for not responding in the way that they “should” be, based on their personal interpretation of reality and emotions…

Anyway, hope my “waxing philosophical” didn’t lose you…

Here’s the simple bottom line:

A man’s mood, well-being and happiness revolve around three things:

1) Sex

Generation now a days.. Men’s love pleasure all the time. Most men can’t live without sex for weeks and even days. It’s in there testosterone! It’s very rare to meet someone who doesn’t need sex, “someone who is a stick to one type of a person”.

2) Food/comfort

Men’s heart is in his belly. Most men like women who can actually cook. Remember, most men are usually a “mamas boy”.

3) Winning

Men likes attention. Feeling that “he is the man”, taking in control and making the best out of everything.

That’s it. No more complicated than that.

If a man doesn’t constantly have those three areas met daily, he’s cranky and feels dissatisfied. If he does… all is right in the world.

I’m telling you, it really is that simple.

And I hope that you take that lesson deep inside and lodge it into your brain because people often mistake simple as being insignificant and complex as being important.

Typically it’s actually the opposite.

Hope this gives you an idea.

“A healthy attitude is contagious but don’t wait to catch it from others. Be a carrier.”

-Tom Stoppard

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