“The Extraordinary Landscape”- Magalawa Island, Philippines. Part #2

Magalawa Island with its creamy beige white sand beaches and prestine emerald green waters is perfect for swimming, water/sand sports, boat riding, jetskiing, scuba diving, snorkeling or just relaxing on the beach amidst the crystal clear waters and beige white sand. Another attractions of Magalawa Island are coral reefs, mangroves, star fish and abundant water resources.

Click the picture for a better view.

Enjoy a striking destination inspired by the extraordinary landscape, melding the offerings of thrilling in outdoor recreation and captivating underwater kingdom, with the hot & unsurpassed beauty of the Magalawa Island.

There was plenty of sea grass here that could easily deter swimmers but some 50 meters or so from shore one can already observe plenty of corals.


Our trek brought us to the edge of a mangrove area where I got some cool shots of a rainbow over the Zambales mainland and some sunset views at the water’s edge.


A little more exploration the following day revealed a fishing village to the north of our resort and another good spot among the mangroves for sunset and sunrise shots. A fishing village also meant waking up early and getting to choose from the fresh catch the fishermen brought in after a hard night’s work.

If you and your friends are the adventurous type, then a walk around the island is inevitable. Explore the whole island in less than 2-3 hours. Meet and mix in with the locals in the community. It also helped that the people of the resort were very friendly and accommodating.

Let me indulge you with my photographs 🙂


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